We’ve been around since 2013, over the last number of years we’ve seen many projects from conception to completion. We’ve experience in various coding languages such as Java, JavaScript, CSS, XML, SQL, XSLT, KML, Kotlin. Our direct experience in markets includes education, finance, real estate, retail, fitness, clothing and services.


  • Step 1Consultation

    We start off our process by finding out what your needs and requirements are. We generally start with some requirement elicitation techniques and find out what you want this project to accomplish. After that, we gain a list of functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Step 2Paperwork and planning

    Depending on the type and scale of the project the next step involves paperwork and documentation. Such items as Statements of Works, Work Breakdown Structures, Estimates, Proposals, Requirements Specifications are all involved in this step.
  • Step 3Executing the building phase of the project

    Once we’ve gotten all of the paperwork out of the way we then begin the actual core work of the project. Whether this be designing, developing or S.E.O of a website. We constantly send out progress reports to our clients. Alerting them to any issues or delays that could be occurred. We believe in transparency and communication with our clients.
  • Step 4Testing and Quality Assurance

    When the project is completed we begin or testing and quality assurance tests to ensure that the project has met the requirements set in the paperwork stage of the project. We also send it over a test version to you for review. We also make any final adjustments that may be required for the project.
  • Step 5Release and sign-off

    Once we are certain that the project has fully fulfilled the project requirements we begin the transfer process to the live environment. Once this is complete and we have received full payment of services we officially hand over the completed project to you.


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