At Phoenix Website Design we’re proud that we put user experience and good design at the top of our mind when we think of a project. We’re firm believers in that user experience greatly affects the outcome of how successful your website can be. We have studied and researched what makes good user experience, we’re also self-confessed perfectionists when it comes to design. We love designing websites that reflect your brand and image.

Our experience in website design is unparalleled in our segment of the market. Creating user journeys from start to finish, detailing every experience to your brand image. Our philosophy is to design a website with the user in the mind from the beginning, alleviating any bad user experience and contributing to a more successful project outcome. Scroll below to see the breakdown of the web design services we provide.


Every website we have designed has been created with mobile and tablet users in mind. If your website is not mobile friendly in today’s competitive market your growth is considerably hindered.


We’ve worked with many different themes customising them to suit and match our clients unique brand and image. Our design philosophy is to build you and your users a unique website that fulfils your requirements while achieving the best user experience possible.


We’ve done extensive research on the benefits of good user experience and the direct effect it has on the level of success a website or project can have. We begin our designing process by identifying the key users of the website, the key users that the website wishes to target. Once this is complete we begin research into what those users want, once we find this out we design a website that provides the user with A. The information, product or service they want. B. The client’s brand, image and offering. We then use this information to create a user journey from start to finish, creating a unique but good user experience design.


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